Speak your truth!

Speak your truth, a talking stick circle journey. Based loosely in what has been passed down to me. I am able to offer a place to be heard without judgement and to speak without fear.

We begin our journey towards truth in a guided meditation. We will call upon the spirit, angels, the universe, nature, and all that choose to join us to serve in the highest good. After we take the time to get grounded and centered we will begin the process of passing the talking stick around our circle. Each Member will have time to hold the talking stick and speak their truth, while those without the talking stick will hold the space to truly hear what the speaker has to say. Once the person holding the talking stick has expelled their truth they will pass the stick to the next person. Each person will have the opportunity to speak once and listen many times to each other.

This is a safe space where we can share our inner thoughts, feelings, and whatever comes from our heart. Sharing our truths in that moment, not a discussion, but as statements of our true selves. Then we listen to each other with our whole hearts. This is a place to be vulnerable, to be loved and heard, and a place to give love and to hear those around you.

Please note: we do not discuss each other’s truths and this sacred space is held in anonymity for all those who join.