About Creating Carla

Hey There! Carla here!

Creating Carla is project started as a way for me to place my love, energy, and vulnerability into a more accountable source. What I will bring to this page is all based in my life and experiences. I am here to share my journey so that you can seek comfort in yours.

Today I serve in many ways:

  • Executive Badass
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Baker Extraordinaire
  • Spiritual Jewelry Creator (Reiki Infused Mala Maker)
  • Thoughtful Writer
  • Energy Worker
  • Spiritual and Recovery Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Believer in You

This is the most pretentious writing I have done in a long time so I’ll try to give you the quick and dirty. I’ve been married, divorced, served in the U.S. Army Reserves, been heartbroken, brushed my shoulders off, depended on others, have been let down, and let others down. I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be.

Today I own my own in-home baking business, work a corporate 9-5 job, live with my boyfriend and his son, am taking belly dancing lessons, and studying a spiritual existence. I work daily to gain a better connection to my I Am presence and to serve the greatest good to the universe/mother nature/father/God/light/whatever word suits you.

Oh Yeah, I’m also a recovering/recovered alcoholic who tries to lead by example of what a sober life looks like.

Lets join in this journey and see how a life in love can lead us to greatness.